Design Tips and FAQ’s

Business Corporation

How do I change design size? 

Select the image, and a bounding box should appear around it. Pull the blue dots at the corners of the box and adjust to the desired size. Use a corner dot if you wish to keep the design proportions consistent.  All designs are a specific size and are currently not updated yet.  However, fit the box on top of the article of clothing as best as you can and we will do the rest.

Do you offer custom work or my own design or a name and/or number personalization? How should I add that?

We do offer custom art and/or  name/number personalization! The price for this is $12.00 per design.  Unfortunately, the Design Studio does not support personalization at this time. To add your own art, names, and/or numbers, you will want to Contact Us directly.  Email the art as well, preferably in a .png or PDF format.  Along with your art, feel free to print out this sheet, hand fill it out, take a picture of  this sheet and email it as a second attachment.  We will contact you as soon as we receive it and clarify.  We will not print without your approval.  You will also need to tell us in that email what article of clothing you would want it printed on, to include the size and color.

Can I choose my own font for a custom design?

The easiest way for us to know exactly which font, is choose a font on Google. We have all of the Google fonts.  Unfortunately, for our stock designs, you can not choose a different color, or different font.  Manipulating any of the stock designs would turn it into a custom design and would not be free.

Does my design have to be perfect / exactly how I want it to print?

Not at all! While our Design Studio is a great tool, we understand that you may need some help getting your final design just right. We review all artwork, and if there is a question you have, email us, or if we have a question we will email/call you after you submit your email with your order.

Can I have a design on any other location besides the front, back and left chest?

You can have up to 3 different print locations, including sleeve prints! Unfortunately, our Design Studio only supports front and back designs. If there is artwork or text you would like on a location aside from what the design studio allows for, just Email Us specific instructions once the rest of your shirt is designed (save your design or download/save.  A sales manager will then be able to adjust your order and get you started!